My name is Robert Scott Sherman (Scott) and I have been in love with cameras and photographing since I was 16 years old.  At that age I saved up washing dishes and purchased my 1st real camera, a Minolta XG1.  I was in absolute heaven.  What sweetened the deal even more that year was that my Dad gave me a negative enlarger for my 16th birthday.  Using my Mom's canning room, I turned it into a darkroom.  Man, was I in heaven.  I still have the enlarger and the Minolta XG-1 today.  Along with hundreds of Plus-X and Tri-X black and white negatives I made and developed back then.  I am still scanning them to this day!

I like photographing everything.  I live on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and enjoy photographing much of what the New England area has to offer. Seascapes.  Landscapes.  Cityscapes.  Wildlife. The Macro World.  Etc. Yet I also enjoy traveling with my Olympus cameras, tripods, lenses, gadgets, etc., all over the place. I love the Desert Southwest and the Pacific Northwest among many other places. Plop me in the middle of nowhere, and let me have at it! Although our backyard can be one of the best places to get fine images as well.

Although my work is available through fine custom printing, making money is not what my photography is about.  It is about the pure passion of photographics.  I enjoy my craft.  I am continuously learning and being fascinated by so many endless subjects to be photographically captured.  It never ends.  There is always something new that catches my eye.  I am continuously thinking about photographing.  And what my next challenge will be.  I live it.  I breathe it.  It's in my soul.

So thank you for visiting my site.  I appreciate it very much.  Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.  I will be more than happy to answer them.  Be well.